The Bazillions - Come On In

Come On In!

A collection of songs all about your community! Available now!

Track Listing:

1. Come On In | YouTube
2. Let’s Go
3. Come To The Park
4. Community Garden
5. Fact Or Opinion
6. I Did It
7. Power’s out
8. Demisemiseptcentennial
9. Grandma & Grandpa
10. The Library
11. Coolest Place in Town
12. Where I Live

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The Bazillions - On The Bright Side

Rock-N-Roll Yearbook

One of the most exciting – and anxious – times in a young person’s life is the start of the school year. This fall, The Bazillions provide young students with a soundtrack to carry them through the school year: Rock-n-Roll Yearbook, available now!

Track Listing:

1. Back At School
2. Take Turns
3. New Pair Of Shoes
4. You Could Be The One
5. That’s My Style
6. Just Another Monday
7. Who What When Where Why | Video
8. Queen Ellen Of The Spelling Bee
9. Wide Open World Of Adjectives | Video
10. More To Be Done
11. Keep Your Identity Safe
12. Summer’s Here

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The Bazillions - On The Bright Side

On The Bright Side

Our third release defines the word “bright” on multiple levels, ranging from wacky and hopeful songs describing the life of an elementary school age child to songs that explore the intricacies of grammar. Now dive in, dance along and have some fun!

Track Listing:

1. Superhero Rock Band
2. Family Tree
3. Use a Contraction
4. Ed (Been There, Done That)
5. My Teacher’s an Alien
6. Personification
7. Water Cycle | Video
8. Outside
9. Q and U | Video
10. Bad Haircut
11. Favorite Book
12. Sons and Daughters

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The Bazillions - Heads or Tales

Heads or Tales

It’s here! The Bazillions are back with Heads or Tales, the rockin’ followup to their critically-acclaimed debut. Heads or Tales features a tasty mix of educational tunes and slice-of-life songs that are sure to get parents and kids singing along. Raise your hands and dance like a scalene triangle!

2013 Parents’ Choice Silver Award winner!

As reviewed on ZOOGLOBBLE.COM!

Track Listing:

1. We’re The Bazillions
2. Candy Garden
3. Silent e | Lyrics
4. Out of The Box
5. Similes and Metaphors | Lyrics
6. You’re Embarrassing Me
7. Triangular Triangles
8. Front Seat
9. Prefix or Suffix
10. Perimeter Around The Area
11. No Homework
12. Rainy Day Clubhouse

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The Bazillions - Rock-n-roll Recess

Rock-n-Roll Recess

The instantly accessible Rock-n-Roll Recess features dangerously catchy tunes about macaroni and cheese, a messy room, accidentally breaking the neighbor’s window and other events in the daily life of a kid. And while written with kids in mind, the songs can be enjoyed by everyone.

As reviewed on WIRED.COM!

Track Listing:

1. Good Morning
2. Super Sonic Rocket Bike – Video
3. Counting On A Friend – Video
4. Tommy Got In Trouble – Video
5. Mac -n- Cheese
6. Career Day – Video
7. Preposition – Video | Lyrics
8. It’s A Mess
9. Lookout Man
10. Goodbye
11. Super Sonic Rocket Bike (No Vocals)
12. Tommy Got In Trouble (No Vocals)

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Press for The Bazillions:

The Bazillions in Minnesota Monthly (Feb ’11).

Heads or Tales…it’s a dozen nifty pop songs that tell stories, even if one or two of those stories are about – gasp! – math. Recommended.

Stefan Shepherd,

Every track on The Bazillions first album, Rock-n-Roll Recess, is spot on – from the cheery opening song, Good Morning to the gentle closing track, Goodbye, the group’s rousing harmonies and pop/rock sound is a winner. Add the fact that the songs move beyond the standard serving of animal and alphabet ditties and into hardcore kid territory (macaroni cheese, hotted-up bikes and messy rooms) and I can’t fault it.

If you’ve ever met a five-year-old, you know the attention span of a kindergartner tends to be in the range of 12 seconds. Unless, that is, said kindergartner is under the melodic spell of Adam Marshall’s catchy tunes.

Ashle Briggs Horton,

Rock-n-Roll Recess is exactly what a children’s music album should be. It doesn’t preach or demean, and it never goes for the low-hanging fruit. If you’d rather share with your kids well-written, beautifully recorded songs about prepositions, careers and imagination that the traditional fare of animals, ABCs and “The Wheels on the Bus,” then The Bazillions are just the band for you.

Ken Denmead, GEEKDAD on

There’s a lot of great music on their CD. I’m excited to have them [at Rock The Cradle.]

Barb Abney, 89.3 The Current

Another Minneapolis kindie band, another amazing song, another great new video. The Bazillions deliver an eye-catching, paper-mache animated video for “Super Sonic Rocket Bike”, the standout track from their debut album “Rock-n-Roll Recess”. This tune (and the rest of the CD) is pitch-perfect twangy indie pop rock a la Matthew Sweet.

Jeff Bogle,

“Super Sonic Rocket Bike and Tommy Got In Trouble are two great songs, worthy of great kid-popsters like Justin Roberts.”

Rock-n-Roll Recess — Top Ten Debut Albums of 2010
Tommy Got In Trouble — Top Twenty Songs of 2010

Stefan Shepherd,

…Songwriters Adam and Kristin Marshall know how to create hooks that are irresistible to kids and parents alike.

Myles McDonnell, You Know, For Kids

This band…knows how to write a memorable, catchy tune that will stand out in the iPod mix.

“…perfect for the younger generation. Their lyrics are witty and silly and, above all else, they rock!”

“The Bazillions knock it out of the park with their debut video from the new album.”

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